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Real estate investing is a very sophisticated profession, and paradoxically a primitive instinct.  Property investing is relatively new (about 75 years old) formal academic discipline based on technical parameters such as financial modeling (yields and rates of return), detailed capital budgeting and development formulas.  The industry is traditionally the stepchild of architects, builders and planners.  While architects and builders are often credited for building real estate empires, military leaders were actually in control.  Throughout history, the basic instinct of territorial ambition fuels the fires of war with subsequent transfer of real estate ownership and control to the victor.


Real estate investing in its purest form is a territorial grab – whether voluntary (purchase) or involuntary (warfare).  While a plethora of gurus proudly tout sure-fire real estate investment formulas and divulge hidden secrets for success, it’s a surefire bet that the most famous property owners never read a get-rich-quick book or attended a wealth-building seminar.  Alexander the Great, Genghis Khan and Attila the Hun formulated realty acquisition programs backed by brute force -- not investment gurus.  They are renowned as warriors, not investors.


Ultimately, successful real estate investors are warriors too.  The tools and methods are poles apart, but the instincts and psychology are the same - territorial expansion. 




Real Estate Combat Investor explores the uncanny parallels linking real estate investing and warfare.  While warfare is destructive, many of its tools, techniques and systems are constructive.    The book uncovers twelve proven military techniques with specific action plans applying to the”Four Pillars” of real estate investing – People, Place, Project and Performance.


Combat Investor offers an extremely candid and proactive approach to real estate investment psychology.   Blunt.  Realistic.  Perhaps politically incorrect at times. 


In today’s environment, delivering profitable results almost immediately is all that counts.  Period.  Only frontline tactics work. Loyalty, job security and other employee relationship issues are in complete jeopardy unless the frontline is secure.  Now more than ever…survival of the fittest.  The well-equipped warrior, not the back office bureaucrat.


Do you want to learn how to survive and thrive based on proven military principles?  Or, do you prefer to dabble with theoretical wealth-building concepts? 


The choice is yours, Sir! 


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